Archive of Magic Items Release

The Archive of Magic Items is finally finished!


The PDF version of the Archive is live on, and I’m still working on the physical versions. But you’re able to go check it out now!

This was a huge process, and it only came about because of the help of our wonderful Kickstarter backers and the amazing people that worked on the book.

I’ll share some previews of the archive here, but go check it out if you haven’t already, and be sure to leave a rating! I hope you all like the Archive of Magic Items!

Archive of Magic Items Update

Hello Everyone!

The Archive of Magic Items is nearly finished, thanks to the help of our wonderful Kickstarter supporters. The Archive contains over 400 new magic items for D&D 5e, including new types of weapons and magical materials.

I’ve been providing updates through Kickstarter, but I realized its been awhile since I posted anything here. I want to share with you some of the wonderful art that we’re putting in the book. Enjoy!

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the book, send me an email at and I can add you to the pre-order list.

The Archive of Magic Items should be released by the end of Q1 2019.


Fully Funded: Archive of Magic Items!

I'm happy to announce that the Archive of Magic Items has been fully funded!


We have 4 days left to hit our first stretch goal ($5,000). It's going to be close, but it's still a possibility.

I've been posting previews from Archive, here are some fun ones to take a look at.



There are 4 days left, so if you've been thinking about jumping in on this book, now is the time!

After the Kickstarter wraps up, there will be more regularly scheduled posts from Pirate Gonzalez Games!


Kickstarter is Live: The Archive of Magic Items!

It's finally here! The project I've been working on for literally years, the Archive of Magic Items!

I've put together a book of over 350 unique, interesting magic items for D&D 5e (it's closer to 400, but I'm keeping it conservative).

I've also included some new features in the book, such as:

  • Unique ways to attune to items
  • Suggestions for using an item at a higher or lower level
  • Magitech!

Check it out! There's a ton of really cool stuff in here, and I'll be releasing previews throughout the month. Tell your friends about it!

But really, please tell them. I need your help with the word of mouth!

Check out the Kickstarter here, and stay tuned for more updates!


Tell me about your favorite magic items that aren't in 5e!

Archive of Magic Items

Pirate Gonzalez Games is Working on a Kickstarter!

Coming to Kickstarter soon will be the launch of the Archive of Magic Items (AMI)!

Chainsaw Blade

Chainsaw Blade


Since the launch of D&D 5th edition, I’ve been creating fun, unique magic items for the system. A few years and 300+ magic items later, and I’m finally going to launch a Kickstarter for publishing!

The writing is already done, although some playtesting of tricky items is still needed. The majority of the kickstarter costs are going to art! The items I’ve created may sound cool, but seeing them fleshed out brings it to a whole other level.

I’ve already tapped Matthew Sargent (@mbsargent) and Alli Grimes (@gracefulxdead) for some initial art, which you can see here. With a successful Kickstarter, I’ll be able to put in more art!

I’m expecting to launch Q1 2018, but stay tuned for updates!

If you’re interested in helping to be part of the playtest, reach out to me on Twitter @pirategonzalez

I hope you like it!