5e 4th Age Classes: The Barbarian


I really liked 4th edition D&D. One of the things I enjoyed doing in that edition (and still do) was building characters.

However, I don’t have that same desire to build characters for 5th edition. To me, part of the problem is that there aren’t as many options within some of the 5e classes. Aside from picking your subclass, you get the same things at every level.

The warlock is very much the opposite of this, and its one of my favorite classes because of it. Mechanically, you could have multiple warlocks with different abilities, not just different spells or subclasses.

In an effort to bridge the gap between 4e and 5e, I’ve started an experiment: The 4th Age Classes.

These are 5e classes, but built closer to the warlock. The goal is to have multiple choice points within the class, but not completely change the class.

The first class I worked on is the barbarian.

Check out the first draft of the barbarian, and let me know what you think:


Pokemon 5e Pokedex: Hoenn


It’s finally here! The long awaited generation 3 pokedex for D&D 5e is out now!

It has been over a year since I released the last pokedex, and I continue to learn more about monster design. These pokemon are designed around the idea of what they would be like in a D&D world, and not about trying to replicate them 1-for-1.

The CR assigned for a pokemon has nothing to do with their video game stats, and I made no attempt to do so. Instead, I just to have a variety of different CR’s represented in the pokedex, with many of the pre-evolution pokemon being lower CR.

If you see any mistakes with an entry, let me know here or on twitter @PirateGonzalez so I can fix it! This is a fan project, so it’s not cost efficient to hire an editor for this, but I tried my best.

If you enjoyed this, you can see the Kanto pokedex and Johto pokedex I did, or my other 5e work like the Archive of Magic Items, or soon to release Book of Constructs.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Shaman: A World of War Class

In celebration of World of Warcraft Classic, I’ve released a new class for D&D 5e: The Shaman!

This is a pretty big class book, 17 pages in all with 3 subclasses (elemental, enhancement, and restoration of course), 17 talents, and 39 new spells!

You can pick up a copy on the DMsGuild here. I’ve included some previews below.

I hope you enjoy the shaman!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5e

Everyone is NOT here yet

Everyone is NOT here yet

I’m a huge fan of Super Smash Bros., so I statted up the original N64 crew in D&D 5e. I’ve tried to interpret their specials in 5e, without going through all of their normal attacks.

I’ve included a section for their Final Smashes. Much like Smash Bros., it’s up the GM to decide how and when they get used. Once per day? Only when certain criteria are met? It’s your call. The Final Smashes weren’t used for calculating CR, so they’re basically a simple add-on.

If enough people like these, I might do some more, but for new enjoy the original starters.

If you’re interested in a PDF, you can find it here.

Avenger: A Rogue Archetype

avenger cover.jpg

I’ve released a new subclass for D&D 5e, the Avenger! This class was inspired by the avenger from D&D 4e, and was created as a special request for the Rogue.

The Avenger is available from the DMs Guild here, but I’ll include the pages below for anyone that reads this blog. If you like it, please stop by the DMs Guild and buy a copy!

If you want to leave a review, let me know and I’ll send you a free copy.



Warlock: Dragon Patron

I’ve been working on some projects lately, which is why there’s been a lack of updates (The Book of Constructs has a LOT of monsters). In the meantime, I decided to actually finish one of the subclasses I created months ago, the warlock Dragon Patron!


Warlock dragon patron.jpg

This is for sale and free on DMsGuild, but check it out and let me know what you think! It’s heavily (HEAVILY) inspired by the Draconic Bloodline sorcerer, the goal was to fit that into the warlock chassis.

Enjoy the Pact of the Dragon!

Warframe 5e Update

I’ve been working on some more Warframes for D&D 5e. Here are Ash, Atlas, Banshee, and Baruuk.

This was a fun group to work with. Atlas’ rumblers is basically summoning two earth elementals, which makes him very powerful in 5e. On the flip side, Banshee had some cool abilities that were really easy to port to 5e, specifically around the silence spell.

Here are the newest ones!

Warframe 5e

warframe logo.png

I’ve been playing a lot of Warframe lately, and like most video games I get into, I decided to design some of the warframes as monster stat blocks in 5e.

Without getting too far into the game, technically these would be best handled as magic items with a few extra rules. However, I just released a book of 400+ magic items, and designing monster stat blocks is more fun for me, so here we are.

Here are the Warframes I’ve designed so far, check them out! After this group, their CR will probably vary more as I play around fitting their designs into higher and lower CRs. In the game, all the warframes are pretty evenly balanced around each other, but that makes converting them into 5e boring. So expect some variety with future updates!

Here are the three starters (Excalibur, Mag, Volt), and my current main, Rhino.