Molly Ostertag's Paper Dragon

Molly Ostertag is an illustrator who currently works on the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist, and just published The Witch Boy. She also happens to be a DM for a D&D game.

On twitter one of the players, Noelle Stevenson (another cartoonist whose works include Nimona and Lumberjanes) posted a drawing from an encounter with a Paper Dragon that Molly created. Molly later posted the stats for the dragon, and the mechanics were really cool!

I decided to give her dragon the full Monster Manual treatment, including Noelle's art!

The paper dragon can inflict madness with it's breath attack, and even destroy memories! A normally dangerous creature just got even worse!

Check out the Paper Dragon here, and check out Molly and Noelle's work, they're great!

Paper Dragon.jpg