5e 4th Age Classes: The Barbarian


I really liked 4th edition D&D. One of the things I enjoyed doing in that edition (and still do) was building characters.

However, I don’t have that same desire to build characters for 5th edition. To me, part of the problem is that there aren’t as many options within some of the 5e classes. Aside from picking your subclass, you get the same things at every level.

The warlock is very much the opposite of this, and its one of my favorite classes because of it. Mechanically, you could have multiple warlocks with different abilities, not just different spells or subclasses.

In an effort to bridge the gap between 4e and 5e, I’ve started an experiment: The 4th Age Classes.

These are 5e classes, but built closer to the warlock. The goal is to have multiple choice points within the class, but not completely change the class.

The first class I worked on is the barbarian.

Check out the first draft of the barbarian, and let me know what you think: