The Book of the Dead Update

The Book of the Dead is nearly complete!

Undead Attack Cover.jpg

This has been the largest project I’ve ever worked on, and I’m proud with how it turned out.

I enjoy creating monster stat blocks for Dungeons and Dragons, and I learned a lot about the 5th edition system and how monsters work. My little Pokemon conversion showed me a lot of tips and tricks that I was able to apply to this book.

This isn’t just a straight conversion either; I tried to bring the undead in line with the 5th edition mechanics and style. Sometimes a monster’s CR is very different than what it was in a previous edition, and maybe it has some new abilities!

This book also introduces a number of new monster templates! You can apply a deathknight or swarm-shifter template to existing monsters! Unfortunately you will need to recalculate the CR, but now you can have a Gnoll Deathknight!

The Book of the Dead will be available on the DMs Guild soon!