Destiny 2: Taken

The last entry for the Destiny 2 D&D 5e conversion is here! The forces of the Darkness, the Taken are here!

The Taken are the largest faction, but that’s because they’re made up of creatures from the other Destiny factions. Some of the creatures are basically the same, but others have new abilities.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this conversion!

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Destiny 2: Hive

This week we continue our Destiny 2 D&D 5e homebrews! The strange monsters of the Hive are this week’s conversion!

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Dinosaurs for D&D 5e

Happy Holidays!

I’ve just released 8 new dinosaurs for your 5th edition D&D game. Between all of the monster books that Wizards of the Coast has put out, they’ve covered most of the standard dinosaurs. I put together stat blocks for 8 additional ones for some added variety.

Check out the dinosaurs below! I’ve also posted it to the DMs Guild for free if you’d like it added to your online library!


Destiny 2: Vex

This week we continue our Destiny 2 D&D 5e homebrews! The mechanical Vex are up this week.

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If you like this, check out my latest DMs Guild product, the Book of the Fey. It’s a big ol’ compendium of over 150+ fey creatures. Take a look!

Buy the book.

Buy the book.

Destiny 2: Fallen

This week our Destiny 2: 5e update includes the Fallen! They seem to be the faction with the most unique units, since they supplement their forces with robots.

Take a look at the Fallen!

In addition, I released a new product for D&D 5e, a compendium of fey creatures. Check out the Book of the Fey for over 150+ fey monsters for 5e!

It’s a very good book.

It’s a very good book.

The Book of the Fey: A 5e Fey Compendium

My latest D&D 5e DMs Guild product is finally ready to go! The Book of the Fey is the latest entry, following the Book of the Dead, and contains over 150 fey creatures compiled from previous versions of D&D.

In addition to monster templates, I also added some options for familiars and new races as well!

Check out some preview pages here, and if you want to check out the book, buy it here!

This was fun to create, and it’s a great way to look at how groups of monsters/creatures are designed.

For example, previous editions of D&D applied damage and spell resistances to fey unless the attack was from a cold iron weapon. In my opinion, damage resistances tend to slow down play, and unless part of a particularly powerful or iconic fey creature, isn’t actually necessary. Plus, if you were to be playing in a Fey heavy game, every adventurer would strive to have a cold iron or magical weapon, eventually rendering the resistances useless. In my opinion, it’s better to have this resistance show up less frequently than having literally every fey with a damage resistance. If it doesn’t mesh with your version of Fey creatures, it’s very easy to just tack it onto a creature.

Most Fey also tend have high Dexterity and Charisma attributes, amplifying their nimble and tricky reputation. Armor is rare, and there is a lot of innate casting.

Finally, there’s a common theme among fey creatures of “attractive woman lures men to their death.” I tried to avoid specifying in the book whether a creature was specifically masculine or feminine. Dryads are typically portrayed as feminine, but I had a really great game once featuring a male dryad that looked like Fabio. Most of the art in the book still features feminine fey in these roles, but I tried to avoid that in the written descriptions.

I hope you enjoy the book! Next up will be a Construct Compendium!

Destiny 2: Scorn

This week our Destiny 2: 5e update includes the Scorn! Upon reading about them, they’re basically space zombies. They’re still mostly sentient, but apparently can be brought back to life.

Enjoy the Scorn!

Destiny 2: Cabal

I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny 2 lately. Like I tend to do, I decided to stat up some of the enemy factions in D&D 5e. First up this week is the Red Legion Cabal!

Coin Zombies



Zombies are slow. How do you make it easier for them to eat the brains of still-moving creatures? You make the prey WANT to come near the zombie!

Taken directly from 13th Age, the coin zombies prey on the greed of other creatures by compelling them to come closer.

Throw these baddies at your players for a fun variation on the zombie. I'll bet they see how much money they can get from them!

If you liked this, be sure to check out 13th Age, it's full of fun ideas like this!

coin zombies.jpg

The Chessmen

Chess is a familiar game to many people. Even if you don't know how to play, probably know there are pieces like the knight or the queen.

A group of enemies based around chess pieces make a great group of enemies. You have a group of enemies that all work together as a unit, and their visual appearance and mechanics reinforce their chess-game roles.

You could have a tinkerer or wizard called "The Grandmaster" who has created robotic servants and guardians. These Chessmen work great for a short arc, but watch out for the queen!


Enjoy the Chessmen!